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Pravilno športno prehranjevanjeKako krepimo mišice

Pravilno športno prehranjevanje

Fitnes postava s pravilnim prehranjevanjem.

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Kako krepimo mišice

BodyBuilding je prava izbira za vse, ki želit lepo oblikovano telo!

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Battery monitoring informations

As important as monitoring of voltage and currents in the electrical system, it can not provide a reliable indication of the charge level of the battery. For this purpose, please use battery monitoring computer. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to determine the charge state of a battery in operation with one voltmeter – the current flowing distorts the results. The battery manufacturers insist that the battery is “resting” 24 hours before measuring, that is, neither charging nor discharging. A voltmeter is therefore rarely useful. Relatively, so-called battery computers determine the charge state. These devices measure all currents flowing into and out of the battery and calculate the residual capacitance remaining,on ships and boats they are called marine battery monitors.   A battery monitor which, when the discharge voltage is reached, disconnects all consumers from the battery and only switches on again at a minimum voltage, reliably prevents the battery from being damaged by the forgotten light in the WC. The AC-Monitor ACM shows all interesting values of the AC-voltage network (AC) on board. As soon as the alternating voltage is… Read More →